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About Us
We are distributed thru Ingrooves Music Group (UMG) whom provides the following commitment to services.
Our commitment to transparency, superior customer service and creative strategic thinking maximizes sales and impressions in the digital marketplace for our content partners.

Digital Distribution: Online & Mobile, Ingrooves Music Group provides digital distribution to over 600 online and mobile destinations worldwide in more than 100 territories. We have solid partnerships with and deliver to retailers like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more. Our end-to-end digital asset management platform automates many distribution and administrative functions.

Our platform is a content hub that connects directly to all leading online and mobile stores worldwide. Utilizing the client console, you have total visibility on the status of your releases- how, when and where they have been distributed, the ability to opt in and out of retail deals and review and export monthly sales reports for all retailers.

Ingrooves Music Group is a true digital distribution company, not just an aggregator of services. Mobile distribution is key to expanding your consumer each in the digital marketplace. Ringtones, Ring backs, Wallpapers, Full Track downloads and Video Ringers are being offered by carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Ingrooves Music Group understands the market potential and can discuss opportunities to create visibility for your catalog within the mobile space.

Physical Distribution CD & Vinyl Ingrooves Music Group provides full physical distribution services for CD & vinyl products to over 500 national & local accounts in the US marketplace.  Our dedicated sales & marketing staff works hand in hand with the Universal Music Distribution team, the world’s largest distribution company.  Ingrooves Music Group's production department oversees the details of manufacturing, warehousing & fulfillment as part of our distribution agreements with label partners.  Partnerships exist with Fontana North (Canada) & Fontana International (Worldwide) to fulfill select physical good needs globally.

Marketing in addition to providing our clients with the best distribution service available, Ingrooves Music Group has an expansive promotional network that enables you to market your content across an evolving marketplace while increasing sales and long term awareness. The design, implementation and execution of our campaigns are based on an analysis of your overall marketing strategy and how best to enhance this in the global industry. Marketing is about consumer impressions; Ingrooves Music Group makes this happen. We manage excellent relationships with all major music retail services providing guaranteed worldwide exposure for your releases. Ingrooves Music Group, also has access to large-scale promotional partnerships with companies such as RCRD LBL, AOL Music, Spinner, Topspin Media, Channel, Spotify, Zune/Xbox Live, Facebook, and more.

We also work with the Universal Music Brand Group for further reach into the fashion, hotel, sports and agency worlds, Sync Licensing, We provide non-exclusive sync licensing support to our label partners.  Record labels signed to Ingrooves Music Group benefit from the creative and well-connected licensing team.  The licensing department works with top music supervisors, ad agencies and game developers to sync songs from the catalog into innovative projects. Licensing music through Ingrooves Music Group is an easy cost-effective way to get access to top-notch independent music from a wide variety of artists and labels.
  • One-stop licensing for most of our content, over 500,000 songs in the catalog.
  • Over 10,000 pre-cleared songs available for instant license on
  • Quick and easy contract negotiation and execution.
  • End to end music supervision services available.
  • Wide array of popular music styles and genres.
  • No production music, all commercially released music from independent artists and labels.

Access to Preferred Partners Ingrooves Music Group has negotiated preferred rates with third party vendors for our clients.  Clients can access these services (at a discount ) directly via their Client Console.  Our Preferred Partners offer services like Analytics, Artwork/Visual Design,  Widgets/Apps/Storefronts, Marketing Solutions and more. We are always researching new partners on behalf of our labels.

Dedicated Label Representatives once you partner with Ingrooves Music Group, our dedicated client service team will be sure that you have all of the knowledge required to manage your content, view royalty statements, and access analytics tools & Marketplace partnerships in your ONE Digital Client Console. Our client service team is the best in the industry. Our reps are knowledgeable in the digital space and available to assist you. You will never have to email an, again. The power is in your hands, but we are always here to help.
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