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Indie artist " Korrosive" is signed to and is CEO of his own label "MRE Entertainment " and has distribution through " InGrooves-Fontana ".
Korrosive also working in association with Prime USA Records (PUSAR).
“Club fully packed” is his newest hit and without surprise Korrosive was recently featured on the front page of "Windows Media Guide " which is a highly acclaimed and very Popular webzine that has present some of today's hottest up and coming artists.
Korrosive’s latest release (Club Fully Packed ) is already receiving airplay at major AM/FM Radio stations, International Internet Radio Stations and more. 
Korrosive continues to climb the charts with his charisma, charm and class All of which are characteristics most MC’s, Hip-Hop and Rappers doesn’t always possess making him stand out as a rarity. In a dog-eat-dog world that the music industry can consists of, Korrosive’s classy qualities are a welcome change to most, but then again, Korrosive is not your ordinary artist. 
Korrosive is be presented with the opportunity to work with Tony x Franklin and element 9 muzik with upcoming featured projects, He looks forward to the collaboration and all of what the future has in store for him and his music.
Korrosive, dares to be different by bringing you cutting edge music, whether it’s his new release ” Let me see you “, the female’s favorite “Don’t Stop,” or the “Club Fully Packed”, he’ll capture your attention once the beat drops and the lyrics are set in motion.
Everytime the crowd rocking Korrosive hits the stage he owns the crowd and the stage that he stands on, with a dominanting  and intoxicating sound.
So grab your ipod or whatever it is you’re listening to these days, and every chance you get treat yourself by turning up the bump n slap sound of hip hop and rap’s ultimate MC, ” Korrosive” your ears will not be disappointed.

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Korrosive talks about life, career and music
Let's Go
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Club Fully Packed
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